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Use of elastic materials for relining removable dentures in edentulous elderly patients

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Rafał Brożek

2/2015/XLIII s. 103–110
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Fraza do cytowania: Brożek R. Use of elastic materials for relining removable dentures in edentulous elderly patients. Dental Forum. 2015;XLIII(2):103–110.

Clinical studies have shown that patients with an edentulous maxilla and/or mandible who demonstrate continuous, progressive and irreversible resorption of the alveolar ridge bone in the maxilla and mandible constitute a large group among elderly patients. That situation, occurring mostly in the mandible, is the reason why it is often very difficult to restore the function of the masticatory organ by using removable complete dentures without causing pain. It is therefore necessary for the dentist to take full advantage of the techniques and materials available in order to satisfy the patient in terms of comfortable use of a prosthesis. The article presents various methods of using soft elastic materials for prosthetic rehabilitation of elderly patients with an extremely difficult condition of the prosthetic base. The authors discuss the use of low- and high‑temperature polymerized silicone elastomers as complete denture liners. On the basis of their own clinical experience they demonstrate that this approach is successful in treatment of dental patients aged above 65 by eliminating pain resulting from traumatic loading of the prosthetic base.

Key words: geriatric dentistry, complete denture, soft lining materials, silicone elastomers, reline.

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