The influence of surface nanocomposite coating on selected properties of glass‑ionomer cements

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Agata Szczesio, Krzysztof Sokołowski, Joanna Nowak, Kinga Bociong, Karolina Kopacz, Jerzy Sokołowski

2/2017/XLV s. 21–29
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Fraza do cytowania: Szczesio A., Sokołowski K., Nowak J., Bociong K., Kopacz K., Sokołowski J. The influence of surface nanocomposite coating on selected properties of glass‑ionomer cements. Dental Forum. 2017;XLV(2):21–29. DOI:

Introduction. Glass‑ionomer cements are widely used in reconstructive dentistry. This is related to the many advantages of these materials. Taking into account the requirements of modern restorative materials and the possibilities regarding the use of glass‑ionomers, studies are being carried out on modifying the surface layer to improve its mechanical properties as well as the aesthetic properties of the fillings. Aim. The aim of this research was to evaluate the impact of nanocomposite coating on the mechanical properties, hardness and fluoride release of glass‑ionomer cement. Material and Methods. Two commercially available GICs, Fuji IX GP Fast and ChemFil Rock, were selected for this study. Additionally, the corresponding light‑cured resin coating G-Coat Plus was chosen. The Vickers hardness and diametral tensile strength (DTS) of the glass‑ionomer samples, before and after nanocomposite coating, were measured. Fluoride ion release, before and after coating, was evaluated by ion‑selective electrodes. Results. The G-Coat Plus coating significantly affects the process of releasing fluoride ions into an aqueous environment for both cements: Fuji IX GP Fast and ChemFil Rock. This composite coating has a significant influence on the dynamics of cement hardness changes and diametral tensile strength during storage in water.

Key words: glass‑ionomer cements, hardness, DTS, ion release, fluoride.

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