The appearance of anxiety in patients undergoing dental treatment

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Monika Skowron, Martyna Waliczek, Przemysław Nowak, Włodzimierz Więckiewicz

1/2018/XLVI s. 101–105
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Fraza do cytowania: Skowron M., Waliczek M., Nowak P., Więckiewicz W. The appearance of anxiety in patients undergoing dental treatment. Dental Forum. 2018;XLVI(1):101–105. DOI:

The anxiety that occurs before and during dental treatment is a response to external and internal stimuli. Its effects can be discussed in the physiological, behavioral and psychological plane. It is an emotion experienced both by healthy and suffering people. The aim of the work is to present the problem of anxiety in patients undergoing dental treatment based on polish and foreign articles. Etiology, types and effects of anxiety reactions in dental patients as well as methods of the assessment of anxiety intensity during dental treatment were described. It was emphasized that proper assessment of anxiety intensity in patient before dental treatment is crucial, because it can affect the whole process of treatment including schedule of visits, an adaptation visit, plan and proposed methods of treatment, anesthesia technique and the need for pharmacological premedication.

Key words: anxiety, dental treatment.

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