Adenoma pleomorphum of palate — case study

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Natasza Czajkowska, Olga Dembek, Magdalena Lisiak‑Myszke

1/2018/XLVI s. 115–119
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Fraza do cytowania: Czajkowska N., Dembek O., Lisiak‑Myszke M. Adenoma pleomorphum of palate — case study. Dental Forum. 2018;XLVI(1):115–119. DOI:

Adenoma pleomorphum is the most common major salivary gland bening neoplasm. It may be diagnosed in a minor salivary, mucosa, sweat and lacrimal glands as well. That is why this lesion may occur in mouth distant organs such as: eye (lacrimal gland), nose (lateral wall, septum, concha), ear (external auditory meatus), maxillary sinus, skin, trachea, larynx, bronchi, lungs or nipple. This study presents the case of adenoma pleomorphum situated in a hard palate region.

Key words: pleomorphic adenoma, tumor mixtus, hard palate, treatment.

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