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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) connection with orthodontic therapy – a review of Polish literature

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Marta Malińska, Teresa Matthews-Brzozowska

2/2020/XLVIII s. 108–110
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Fraza do cytowania: Malińska M., Matthews-Brzozowska T. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) connection with orthodontic therapy – a review of Polish literature. Dental Forum. 2020;XLVIII(2):108–110. DOI:

Obstructive sleep apnea is often connected with systemic, laryngological and orthodontic problems. It has a significant impact on craniofacial development in children and on their psychosomatic development. In elderly people it may impede everyday functioning and lead to serious diseases and complications. Aim. The aim of the article is the obstructive sleep apnea OSA described in the polish literature. Material and methods. 30 articles from the last 16 years connected with obstructive sleep apnea were analyzed. Four papers from the last five years were included into literature review. Results. The authors of analyzed reports showed a strong relationship of OSA occurrence with systemic diseases and defects of the face skeleton. The diagnosis of disorders was carried out basing on cephalometric x-rays and computed tomography. Conclusions. Obstructive sleep apnea requires interdisciplinary approach. The orthodontist can support the initial diagnosis and refer the patient to appropriate treatment – ENT (ear, nose, throat) or surgical.

Key words: obstructive sleep apnea – OSA, cephalometry, malocclusions, radiological image.

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