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The influence of dyslipidemia on periodontitis

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Agata Ossowska, Aida Kusiak, Mariusz Bochniak

1/2021/XLIX s. 50–54
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Fraza do cytowania: Ossowska A., Kusiak A., Bochniak M. The influence of dyslipidemia on periodontitis. Dental Forum. 2021;XLIX(1):50–54. DOI:

Dyslipidemia is a common metabolic disorder which is characterized by abnormal serum lipid levels. The cause of this condition may be genetic, enviromental or both, many systemic disorders have an influence on the developement of dyslipidemia. Changes in serum lipid levels are considerated as a proinflammatory factor which may have an impact on manytissues and organs. Periodontitis is a worldwide spread disease of the tooth supporting tissues caused mostly by the local inflammatory process but also other factors play a role in its developement. The aim of this study was the review of the articles in which has been investigated the influence of dyslipidemia on periodontitis. In all of the chosen articles dyslipidemia was positively corelated with periodontal parameters which confirm the presence of inflammation. The exact relationship between dyslipidemia and periodontitis is still unclear, but many authors try to explain this mechanism.

Key words: dylipidemia, periodontitis, hyperlipidemia, triglicerydes, cholesterol.

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