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Review of techniques and current possibilities of root canal irrigation

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Hubert Gołąbek, Patrycja Duszkiewicz, Aneta Szutowska, Ewelina Mielko, Izabela Strużycka

2/2015/XLIII s. 85–92
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Fraza do cytowania: Gołąbek H., Duszkiewicz P., Szutowska A., Mielko E., Strużycka I. Review of techniques and current possibilities of root canal irrigation. Dental Forum. 2015;XLIII(2):85–92.

Contemporary dental market offers a variety of products that enable more efficient purification of root canals. Starting from the first methods of using steel needles for injection with a syringe, through the modification to side‑vented needles, manufacturers continue to develop endodontics, heading toward the high‑tech devices. The use of sonication, ultrasonication or mechanical devices is a canon of today's instruments used by endodontists. The key to proper cleaning canal walls of the remaining debris of dentin and pulp is a suitable solution and the ability to provide fluid flow along the entire canal length. The chemical properties of rinsing solutions, such as pH or oxidation potential, are important factors for irrigation. Equally significant is the amount of solution, flow velocity and the frequency of exchange for fresh portions. The level of surface cleanliness of root canals' walls in the clinic is impossible to assess. Therefore, the dentist should rely on the available literature in order to provide the patient with the highest level of performance in terms of root canal treatment. This literature review will enable the practitioner to become familiar with currently used methods of root canal irrigation.

Key words: root canals, irrigation, rinsing solutions, management of canals.

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