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Tai-Chi Chuan as a spine rehabilitation method for dentists

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Dorota Ferenc-Kopeć

1/2022/L s. 15–20
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Fraza do cytowania: Ferenc-Kopeć D. Tai-Chi Chuan as a spine rehabilitation method for dentists. Dental Forum. 2022;L(1):15–20. DOI:

Dentists are at risk of musculoskeletal injuries in their work. These disorders increase with the practice of the profession. In spinal rehabilitation, Tai‑Chi Quan gymnastics can be helpful. By recognising the state of tension and relaxing the motor muscles, these gentle exercises improve the musculoskeletal system making it more flexible and vital, freeing it from blockages and tensions. Based on clinical studies, Tai‑Chi is an effective exercise system to support the treatment of spinal disorders. It is also recommended in preventive medicine.

Key words: Tai‑Chi, spinal rehabilitation, dentists, Qigong, moderate exercise.

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