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Dear Readers,

At the end of August Istanbul played host to the annual World Dental Congress of Federation Dentaire Internationale (FDI) on achievements and needs in the field of global dentistry. A small group of Polish dentists was among the twelve thousand participants of that impressive event. Despite the dynamic development of various areas of dentistry that was discussed during science sessions and at a spectacular exhibition, Dr Denis Bourgeois of France presented his work based on an ESCARTEL epidemiology study pointing out an increasing number of different dental challenges besides caries. Dr Phillipe Rusca, President of the European Regional Organisation (ERO) of the World Dental Federation, talked about the difference between the problems faced by dentists in East and West Europe: an urgent need for widespread basic prophylaxis and the aging society. Another issue was the observation that in most European nations postgraduate training of dentists is obligatory in order to promote professional development. 36 member states of ERO have their own regulations on the subject. Also, Dr Rusca expressed his opinion about tooth whitening , the postgraduate training period and the status of dentists in medical associations. Based on annual state reports, he finally said that in Poland medical services are not sufficiently funded by the central budget. On a more optimistic note, the efforts of Dr Anna Lella, President-elect of ERO FDI, to represent the interests of Polish dentists on the international scene have been recognized. It is possible that Poland will host an FDI congress in the near future, which could be a spectacular world-scale event in our country.

Prof. Ryszard Koczorowski

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