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Guidelines for preparing manuscripts for The Dental Forum

1. The Dental Forum publishes, in Polish and English, original, peer-reviewed (see below), research and clinical science articles, case reports and literature reviews in the field of stomatology and related areas of medicine, as well as reports on and abstracts of papers presented at conferences or symposia. The journal serves as a forum for discussion on clinical and technical issues in dentistry.
2. Articles should be no longer than 17 pages (including the first page, abstract, main text and references) for original research or clinical science articles and literature reviews. Case reports should be no longer that 4 pages.
3. The Editorial Council accepts 2 hard copies of the manuscript and an electronic file of the article on an USB pen-drive or CD/DVD disc, labelled with the title, author and file name. It should be edited with Microsoft WORD for WINDOWS, printed on one side of the paper, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman, and have a 4 cm margin on the left. Only roman type and standard letter spacing may be used (titles in bold type) without capitalised emphasising, underlining, etc. Hard copies of the manuscript should also include the complete documentaction of the work to be published (tables, figures, etc.).
4. The front page of the article prepared for publication should include the forenames and surnames of the authors, the title in Polish and English, the name of the institution or department where it was written. Accurate mailing and e-mail addresses should be put at the bottom of the page together with contact phone numbers. The second and subsequent pages should present the abstract in Polish and English (a structured abstract of no more than 300 words for original articles), describing the main topic of the paper. Key words, in accordance with internationally approved glossaries of medical terms (MeSH), should be typed in a paragraph below the abstract.
Original articles should include an introduction, a statement of the problem, a description of the material and methods used, a presentation of and comment on the results, and conclusions. For literature reviews, a 150-word abstract divided into sections is preferred.
5. Only those references that relate directly to the present study may appear in the reference list and should be listed in vancouver system, in order of their mention in the text. Journal references should be typed in separate lines and indicate the surnames and initials (maximum of two) of all authors, the title of the article, the journal name (abbreviated), the year, the volume and issue numbers, the inclusive page numbers of the publication and the language of original reference (if other than polish), as shown below:

Black W.B. Surgical obturation using a gated prosthesis. J Prosthet Dent. 1992;68(2):339–342. English.
Spiechowicz E., Kucharski Z. Ocena materiału Plastakryl M jako trwałego elastycznego materiału podścielającego. Prot Stom. 1994;XLIV(5):261–263.

When citing books, the following should be supplied: the surname and initial of the author, the title of the book and chapter, the publisher, the year and place of publication, the inclusive page numbers of the chapter consulted, and language. For example:

Smith B.G. Dental crowns and bridges: design and preparation. Occlusal considerations. M.L. Myers-Rochester, New York; 1986. s. 58–77. English.

6. Figures should be submitted on separate pages and marked with Arabic numerals on the reverse side, in the order in which they appear in the text. Photographic prints (9 × 13 cm, black and white or colour) should be enclosed in an envelope bearing the author's surname and the title of the article. Figure captions should be provided in Polish and English on a separate page. Illustrations may also be prepared as scans in.jpg or.tif format or in CorelDraw.
7. Tables marked with Roman numerals in the order in which they are mentioned in the text should be placed on separate pages. Captions, table numbers and possible explanations should be located above them.
8. Only standard abbreviations and the author's own abbreviations (with the full forms provided when first mentioned) should be used in the text.
9. The manuscript may be published on condition that it is accompanied by a statement indicating that the author has not published the article previously and has not offered it for publication elsewhere. Publishing permission must be obtained from the head of the institution where the article was written.
10. The authors provide a written statement that the findings presented in their work are accurate and reliable, which aims to prevent ghostwriting and guest authorship. The statement presents the affiliation and the involvement percentage of each author. It also details the author of the concept, hypothesis, method, etc., and describes the source of funding, the contribution of research institutions, associations and others.
11. The Editorial Council reserves the right to correct, if necessary, stylistic errors in the manuscript, to reduce its contents or not to publish the submitted material, according to the decision of the Editorial Committee, and to choose the date of publication.
12. Manuscripts accepted for publication and peer-reviews become the property of the Editorial Council.
13. Send all manuscripts to:

Collegium Stomatologicum
Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu
ul. Bukowska 70
60-812 Poznan

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