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Recent advances in fluoride delivery for clinical dentistry

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John W. Nicholson

1/2017/XLV s. 43–49
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Fraza do cytowania: Nicholson J.W. Recent advances in fluoride delivery for clinical dentistry. Dental Forum. 2017;XLV(1):43–49. DOI:

The current state of knowledge of fluoride activity against dental caries is reviewed, and recent research on substances for providing fluoride, and materials capable of releasing fluoride in situ is described. Contemporary clinicians have a wide range of means for delivering fluoride to caries‑susceptible patients, including fluoridated toothpastes and varnishes, and substances such as silver diamine fluoride and stannous fluoride. Materials capable of releasing fluoride include both glass‑ionomers and resin‑based systems, and applications of these materials include full restorations and pit‑and‑fissure sealants. These are all considered in this article, which provides a snapshot of the current situation with regards to fluoride delivery in clinical dentistry.

Key words: fluoride, remineralisation, glass‑ionomers, resin systems, clinical effectiveness.

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