Bisphosphonate necrosis of the jaws – a literature review and case reports

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Maciej Włodarczyk, Piotr Radziszewski, Maciej Podsiadło, Emil Kalinowski, Jerzy Reymond

2/2017/XLV s. 107–114
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Fraza do cytowania: Włodarczyk M., Radziszewski P., Podsiadło M., Kalinowski E., Reymond J. Bisphosphonate necrosis of the jaws – a literature review and case reports. Dental Forum. 2017;XLV(2):107–114. DOI:

Introduction. Bisphosphonates are common medicinal products used as an adjunct group in therapies of bone disease. Due to the lack of uniform management of patients with such a health problem, we provided treatment based on our own clinical experience. Aim. The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the healing process in patients on a therapy with bisphosphonates. Material and Methods. Two patients received ambulatory treatment. One of them was treated with ozone, while the other was treated surgically (debridement, tissue mobilization and suturing) Results. Both cases had successful outcomes, which demonstrated the necessity of combining surgery with proper postoperative care. Conclusions. 1) The course of treatment with bisphosphonates should take into account local conditions. 2) The preparation of the patient for therapy should involve the application of the proportionality principle and consideration of a potential therapeutic effect. 3) As no uniform therapeutic protocol exists, a number of factors may affect the outcome, which depends on the interdisciplinary preparation of the patient and proper treatment management.

Key words: bisphosphonates, osteonecrosis of jaws, treatment of bone necrosis.

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