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Issue 1/2022/L

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9–14 A holistic view of the style and types of singing in the context of the function and operation of the vocal apparatus and the needs of human expression
Aleksandra Kazimiera Koczurko, Iwona Kowalkowska
15–20 Tai-Chi Chuan as a spine rehabilitation method for dentists
Dorota Ferenc-Kopeć
21–26 Treatment of disc displacement with reduction in the temporomandibular joints – a review of the literature
Małgorzata Pobudek-Radzikowska
27–32 Non-surgical options to improve gingival biotype in terms of periodontal disease
Sylwia Klewin-Steinböck, Marzena Wyganowska
33–37 Management of orthodontically induced fenestration-type defect with root exposure of upper molar – case report
Tsu-Yun Chen, Chia-Hui Wu, Sylwia Klewin-Steinböck
38–41 Double mesiodens in mixed dentition – case report
Oliwia Jagiełło, Julia Kasprzycka, Sylwia Klewin-Steinböck, Marzena Wyganowska
42–45 Pilomatrixoma, the uncommon hair follicle tumor – case report
Janusz Goch, Elżbieta Smolak, Marzena Wyganowska

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