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Issue 1/2017/XLV

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11–20 Assessment of the clinical effectiveness probability for the empiric therapy of oral fungal infections
Mariusz Bochniak, Aida Kusiak
21–25 Evaluating the diagnostic potential of saliva in respect of periodontal disease as well as changes occurring within the endothelium
Jakub Dyba, Marcin Lenkowski, Anna Surdacka
27–34 Analysis of occlusion disorders in children from the district of Koło
Agnieszka Sikorska, Kornela Cieślik, Teresa Matthews-Brzozowska
35–41 Influence of hygiene and dietary habits on oral health in students from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences patron schools – questionnaire and clinical study
Kacper Nijakowski, Mateusz Pelec, Maria Człapowska, Anna Kurhańska-Flisykowska, Anna Surdacka
43–49 Recent advances in fluoride delivery for clinical dentistry
John W. Nicholson
51–56 Methods for evaluating the integration of dental implants with bone – literature review
Małgorzata Bielińska, Ryszard Koczorowski
57–64 Cessation of craniofacial growth and the timing of implant placement in the esthetic zone – a systematic review
Paweł D. Fudalej, Piotr S. Fudalej
65–70 Developmental defects in enamel and their association with dental caries – literature review
Magdalena Ogińska, Justyna Opydo-Szymaczek
71–76 Advantages and disadvantages of root canal obturation with thermoplasticized gutta-percha – literature review
Anna Gmerek, Mariusz Lipski
77–82 Bar-supported overdentures in the treatment of edentulous mandible
Małgorzata Idzior-Haufa, Wiesław Hędzelek
83–87 Biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease in saliva – a literature review
Marta Bekalarska-Dębek, Marzena Dąbrowska, Anna Surdacka
89–96 Bone augmentation with use of mesenchymal stem cells – a literature review
Rafał Brożek, Maciej Kurpisz, Ryszard Koczorowski
97–104 Maxillary sinus lift by the piezohydrodynamic method with author’s modification – a case study
Grzegorz Ziętek, Ryszard Koczorowski
105–112 Prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with Kelly’s Syndrome – a case report
Sebastian Farmas, Andrzej Gala
113–116 Reinclusion of tooth 55 observed in a cone beam computed tomography examination – a case report
Katarzyna Denkiewicz, Bartosz Samczyk, Tomasz Tomaszewski, Ingrid Różyło-Kalinowska
117–118 The unveiling of a commemorative plaque in honour of prof. Rudolf Sarrazin
Małgorzata Idzior-Haufa
119–121 Rudolf Willi Sarrazin (1906–1974)
Ryszard Koczorowski

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