Issue 2/2015/XLIII

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11–16 Evaluation of electric vitality testing of the dental pulp in patients over 55 years of age
Katarzyna Barczak, Monika Szmidt, Agnieszka Witek, Jadwiga Buczkowska‑Radlińska
17–24 The application of fixed partial dentures in patients with periodontal diseases based on literature analysis and clinical observations
Andrzej Gala, Edyta Furtak, Grażyna Wiśniewska
25–29 Evaluation of antifungal properties of some solutions used for irrigation of root canals
Katarzyna Kot, Magdalena Kaczała, Mariusz Lipski
31–34 The frequency of the Burning Mouth Syndrome in patients of Department of Periodontology and Oral Mucosa Diseases Medical University of Gdańsk based on 9 years of observation
Lech Marciszyn, Aida Kusiak
35–41 The influence of different light sources on thermal effects generated during polymerization of bulk‑fill flowable dental composite base material
Sebastian Pryliński, Joanna Kleczewska, Kinga Bociong, Agnieszka Pacyk, Monika Domarecka, Jerzy Sokołowski
43–48 The application of a new‑generation thermal imaging camera for the assessment of hemodynamic changes in gingiva during orthodontic treatment
Anna Wojtaszek‑Słominska, Aida Kusiak, Monika Sawicka, Roman Smierzchalski, Dariusz Swistulski, Ariel Dzwonkowski, Tomasz Barnert
49–56 Oral health behaviours of 12- and 13-year‑old children living in Lodz and participating in The Urban Programme of Caries Prophylaxis for Children and Adolescents
Agnieszka Bruzda‑Zwiech, Joanna Szczepańska, Aleksandra Hilt, Magdalena Wochna‑Sobańska
57–62 Influence of upper complete denture and adhesive materials on taste perception
Olaf Gruca, Dominika Janas, Anna Kubica, Maciej Masny, Irena Mospan, Maciej Pluciński, Jacek Kasperski
63–66 The estimation of saliva substitute preparation Biotene by patients with oral mucosa dryness
Magdalena Jaroszuk-Rogal, Anita Ilków, Magdalena Szymczyk, Magdalena Ożóg, Jacek Kasperski
67–74 Contemporary possibilities for dentition reconstruction in edentulous geriatric patients
Ryszard Koczorowski, Jolanta Sielska
75–84 A review of methods for evaluating dental erosive lesions
Tomasz Stefański, Piotr Malara, Anna Kloc‑Ptaszna, Lidia Postek‑Stefańska
85–92 Review of techniques and current possibilities of root canal irrigation
Hubert Gołąbek, Patrycja Duszkiewicz, Aneta Szutowska, Ewelina Mielko, Izabela Strużycka
93–98 Retrograde root canal filling after apicoectomy – a literature review
Michał Heigelmann, Anna Wędrychowicz‑Welman, Adrian Szafiński, Tomasz Kuszczak
99–102 Oral health promotion of preschool children – educational materials
Maria Borysewicz‑Lewicka, Karolina Gerreth, Piotr Gmerek
103–110 Use of elastic materials for relining removable dentures in edentulous elderly patients
Rafał Brożek
111–114 Selected methods of surgical treatment of multiple gingival recessions  – case descriptions
Tomasz Kuszczak, Jakub Dyba, Kamila Gryniewicz
115–121 Distant endodontic treatment of permament teeth after root transverse fracture – description of cases
Magdalena Czarnek‑Małaczyńska, Agnieszka Borucka‑Rostek, Hanna Napiontek‑Kubanek
123–124 Immediate implantation and loading of implants in an esthetic area
Tiziano Testori, Fabio Scutella
125–126 PSI/ICOI/DGOI International Congress – report
Monika Żmuda
127–128 Report on the meeting of Polish Division of Pierre Fauchard Academy
Zbigniew Klimek

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